4sqDay 2012 in Kennesaw

by dwaynekilbourne on April 21, 2012

This past Monday marked another great Foursquare Day celebration around the globe, the third annual celebration among foursquare users. In Kennesaw, 4sqDay 2012 brought a new chapter. The 4sqKennesaw team did a nice job of organizing a small event; Suzanne finished up the new 4sqKennesaw logo and Knikkolette helped organize the Check-in for Charity pledge drive; Monica, Olivia, Miller, Ken, and the rest of the gang came out in support, and we had 31 check-ins at the event. I collected the 4sqDay Proclamation from Mayor Mark Mathews, and we all enjoyed some food truck fun at the Dinner at the Depot! Certainly, it was great to enjoy awesome conversations, meet new people, catch up with old friends, and enjoy time together. In all, Monday was well worth the year-long wait. For us, Foursquare Day is an extra special holiday; in many ways and because we met primarily because of foursquare, this is sort of an extension of our anniversary. A special thank you goes out to everybody who made this day extra special… and to Elaine for always putting up with my check-in addiction!

Elaine and Dwayne 4sqDay 2012

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