Building Beyond 11

by dwaynekilbourne on June 24, 2011

I’m thrilled to say that we made it to another milestone yesterday as we reached our 11 month anniversary, but I view our initial success in a similar light as I do foursquare’s. Simply, foursquare has been gaining a lot of users who want to try their social experience, and more businesses and brands are jumping on board; similarly, we have grown closer and stronger throughout the months, but, like foursquare, we recognize that, for things to truly be successful for the long haul, much work has to be done. We can’t just sit there and take for granted the awesome successes we have enjoyed thus far. Sure, we can pause to celebrate them, but any relationship (business or personal) is hard work, so it is important to continually find ways to improve and give the necessary effort! Certainly, foursquare has done that by adding new features, upgrading the user experience, reaching out to businesses, and increasing its payroll to ensure that future growth will continue. Likewise, Elaine and I cannot just sit here and rest on the successes of previous milestones. If we are to be successful and true to one another, a continued effort and continued hard work are needed. Of course, I feel that our prospective future is extremely bright but one that, like every other bright future, is met with challenges and hurdle. I remain anxious and dedicated to meet these challenges as I continue to strive to be the best man for Elaine, to be her complement, and to help her achieve all of her dreams! So, 11 months is a solid achievement, but I look forward to a long future together, one filled with lots of love and many more milestones!

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