Thanks for the Feature, Carmine!

by dwaynekilbourne on November 28, 2011

If you have not heard, there is a new book about the great powers of foursquare by highly-acclaimed author, Carmine Gallo! This book, entitled The Power of foursquare, really illustrates many great and creative ways small businesses, brands, and foursquare users are engaging one another on foursquare! In particular, the book shows small businesses some great case studies on how location-based marketing via foursquare can really make a difference. In this challenging economy, foursquare is one great social media tool / network that businesses of all sizes need to embrace. Certainly, I am biased because I met Elaine through this social media network, but foursquare allows businesses to gain a competitive edge for very little money, if any! Ultimately, [through his book] Carmine helps businesses better understand the power of foursquare and how now is the time to get involved with and try out this growing social media network.

The Power of Foursquare

To our surprise, Carmine heard about our love story through a few channels and, hence, decided to include us in Chapter 13 (entitled Never Stop Entertaining) of the book! We are thankful and excited to be included alongside so many amazing foursquare-related stories. Thanks again to Carmine for deciding to feature us (pages 209-211), and, no matter if you are new to foursquare or a seasoned pro, we certainly recommend that you pick up a copy of his book today. Keep checking in, everybody, and have a great week ~ if you read this book, let us know what you think about it!


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