Valentine Vibrams

by dwaynekilbourne on February 21, 2012

Wow! It is difficult to believe that not only has 2012 arrived but that it is in full stride as we near the end of February. Of course, with February comes the celebration of Valentine’s Day. If you recall, we took a little trip last year, and Elaine surprised me with hang gliding. While that was extremely cool, many great things have continued to happen for us over the past twelve months. With Valentine’s Day now over, I wanted to paint a quick recap for everybody; it certainly was a busy week.

Most of you know that Elaine and I are both big fitness junkies, so it should not come as a surprise we each picked out one fitness-related gift to give to one another. As foursquare fanatics, I picked us both up a Fitbit so we both could, among other things, keep track of our steps and walking distance each day! They are pretty cool, and we look forward to unlocking the two foursquare (FitBit) badges; let’s just hope that those badges do not get retired before we can achieve them! Then, Elaine picked me up some Vibram KimodoSport LS five finger shoes. I have never had a pair before, but I was looking into getting me a pair last year after Elaine picked up a pair of five fingers. But, you know me; I am normally not one to splurge on myself, but Elaine took it upon herself to make sure I looked good for my workouts! So far, I really like them! Isn’t she the best?

Vibram KimodoSport LS

After that, we had to begin getting ready for our interview with the BBC. This interview request came to us as a nice surprise. While we do not have a lot of details about when the interview will air, we hope to find out more details for everybody as soon as possible. Of course, it decided to rain while we were conducting the outdoor portions of the interview, but it was fun nonetheless. After spending the late afternoon and early evening doing the interview with the BBC, we grabbed dinner and a movie. We picked Olive Garden for dinner and This Means War for the movie. Although, I was completely exhausted, both dinner and the movie were great, especially knowing that I enjoyed both with Elaine. Finally, I was asked to come back on the AboutFoursquare podcast (Episode 63) on Sunday, so, along with a few more hours in the gym, that topped off the week. Well, another week has already begun, and the next milestone comes on the 23rd. Thursday will mark 1 year and seven months since we first went out; boy, where does the time fly by? They certainly are correct when they claim that time flies when you’re having fun!

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Catherine White Photography February 28, 2012 at 9:17 pm

Nice little run down.


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