Our Second Kina Grannis Concert!

by dwaynekilbourne on April 27, 2012

With 4sqDay 2012 just behind us, it was time for us to turn our attention to the Kina Grannis concert. We were thrilled to enjoy our second Kina concert here in Atlanta, and Elaine came up with an AWESOME idea – take Jamie with us, so she can enjoy her first (ever) concert! After I took Elaine to her first Kina concert last spring (2011), Jamie and her started listening to the Kina Grannis Stairwells Deluxe Edition CD whenever they were in the car together. When we all went down to Orlando last summer, Kina’s great songs were in rotation during the nine-hour drive, so Jamie really started to get hooked on Kina’s music, so Elaine felt that the Kina concert would be a perfect first concert for Jamie. So, we went down and ate in Little Five Points (pizza) and surprised her!

Dwayne, Jamie, Kina, and Elaine (April 17, 2012)

This was our first trip / event down at the Variety Playhouse, and we really enjoyed the venue. There were a good number of seats, and each spot had a great view. Also, the venue had a super cool ceiling fan; boy was that thing big! Okay, back to the recap… the event was later in the evening, so we knew it would end after our bedtimes, but it was worth staying up for. Like last year, Kina brought (back) Imaginary Friend to open up for her on her US Tour! Also, she brought her cellist Keith Tutt II with her to accompany many of her songs; we must say that this was a great touch and addition to the concert!!

All in all, it was a great night. Jamie loved it, and we think that that crowd loved her too. She was really into the concert, and was super glad to experience it with us. Watch the video below from another member of the crowd to listen to Kina’s awesomeness… and Jamie’s enthusiastic song participation!! At the end of the night, we waited in line (we were near the end of the line) to meet and greet Kina, Imaginary Friend, and Keith Tutt, II! While we did not get out of there until around 11:30pm or so (a late night for most 6 year olds to say the least), it certainly was worth every second! Plus, one of the guys from Variety Playhouse decided to give us the Kina Grannis promotional poster – quite a cool and nice surprise! Thanks to Kina and gang for another awesome concert, and we hope to see you in the ATL again in the near future! We encourage everybody to check out Kina’s music and go to one of her concerts; she is a true musician, full of compassion and always humble!


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