There’s nothing like a good thrill. Elaine and I both enjoy a good theme park ride, especially extreme roller coasters. The adrenaline felt when we get to ride an awesome roller coaster is amazing. Certainly, it helps that we both share this passion for thrills – something that we both are thankful for. With that said, an even greater thrill is giving back. Sure, it is great to make some money and buy a few luxuries in life, but giving back is a thrill that truly beats all others. There are many ways that we all can give back, and certainly we like to mix it up and give back in a number of ways.


On June 7, 2013, we will again be giving back. This time, however, we will be giving back to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. We are participating in their second annual Coasterthon at Six Flags Over Georgia! So, in a way, it is the best of both worlds for us. Plus, all of the donations go directly to help improve their children’s cardiac services.  It’s definitely a WIN-WIN for all involved, especially for the children. At the event, we will ride Six Flags’ Mind Bender roller coaster for 9 straight hours and will only get a maximum of 5 minutes per hour to run to the nearby restroom. So, we look forward to the challenge.

How Can You Help Out?

Certainly, we are proud to donate our time and money to such a worthy cause. If you’d like to pitch in a few dollars, that would be great. As of this post, Elaine is $70 short of the amount required to guarantee a seat on the Coasterthon. I’d encourage you to donate on her donation page – Also, if your organization would like to donate more than $50 and would provide me a large t-shirt, I would be more than happy to wear your brand on the ride for one hour during the event… since the event is limited to 9 hours, I have to limit this opportunity to the first nine brands who donate. Organizations and brands may donate to either of our pages – Elaine’s (also linked above) or on my donation page

If you elect to donate as an organization, please be sure to signify that when you go to add who the donation is from [on the page], and then tweet or Facebook message me directly so we can coordinate the t-shirt exchange and other aspects!

We certainly appreciate it, and we will be certain to take lots of pictures and let you know how everything went!

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Elaine and Jamie Meet My Michigan Family!

by dwaynekilbourne on March 19, 2013

Part of the reason we went up to Michigan when we did was to celebrate my oldest cousin’s (Jason’s) wedding. He married the love of his life, and this provided an awesome opportunity for me to introduce Elaine to many on my mother’s side of the family. Certainly, not all of my cousins or aunts/uncles were able to make the wedding, but the great majority of them were able to, so it was a perfect chance to both introduce Elaine and Jamie to them as well as help celebrate the beginning of something extra amazing! As expected, we had a great time – Jamie made sure to get the party started by ensuring that the DJ understood what songs had to be played; the only downfall was that time flies by, so we will certainly have to plan another get-together soon! Until then, we certainly wish Jason and Ashley all the best as they and their family start their new journey together. We love you all, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Elaine and Jamie goof off at wedding reception


On a brisk February evening in Fenton, Michigan, Elaine and Jamie finally got the chance to meet my three amazingly awesome godchildren. In fact, since I moved down to the metro Atlanta [Georgia] area in the fall of 2009, it had been three and one half years [too long] since I last saw them. Needless to say, all of these events were long overdue. In addition, Elaine and Jamie met my great friends (and godchildren’s parents), Chris and Jen. To top it all off, they would not let us pay for our meals, and what a meal we had. Let’s put it this way… if you ever go up to Genesee County [Michigan], be sure to look up Lucky’s Steakhouse. From what the server indicated, they have been expanding more in recent months and years, opening up in Traverse City and Rochester, Michigan.

Dwayne, Elaine, Chris, Jen, and the children

I’ve always wanted take Elaine and Jamie up to Michigan during the snowy weather, and, when my cousin, Jason, informed us that he was getting married and wanted us to come up to his wedding, we started to plan to make the trip. We drove through the night on Wednesday so we could capitalize on as much time as possible in the area. With gas prices on the rise, it is certainly best to maximize all road trips, and we did just that. If you know me, I am fairly weather-proof, so I tend to stick to the short sleeve shirts, even in Michigan, but I did wear my jacket just in case. Lucky for us, there was a little bit of snow in the forecast during our trip, and that was certainly a plus. Jamie does not get to see much snow down here in Michigan, so she was always looking for a good snowball fight! But, with any good vacation, time flies, and this Michigan trip was no exception. We’ll be sure to share more photos and stories soon. Until then, we will look to plan another trip to Michigan to see our great friends and family!

Jamie loves a snowball fight!


4sqLoveStory: Two Years Together And Beyond

by dwaynekilbourne on August 13, 2012

Wow! On July 23, 2012, we celebrated two years together! It is not that I feared that we’d not last that long together; instead, it is amazing how time flies by. It seems like just a few weeks ago or a few months ago when we started this incredible journey together – hours pass by like minutes, months like days. Whether time flies by quickly or slowly, I am extremely grateful for every moment I get to share with Elaine and Jamie. It is an amazing feeling when you find that special somebody… that soulmate. Luckily, I have found her, and I am excited to continue to share today and the future together with her. And, as life would have it, I’m confident that it will be Christmas before you know it… and then July of 2013 when we celebrate another year together. Life with Elaine is a dream-come-true, and living out that great dream with her each and every day is a true blessing!

Dwayne & Elaine at UFC 145

As we look forward, we have a lot of great events and memories to share together. While we haven’t blogged as frequently or consistently as we had hoped, we look to add more posts very soon. Since we just came back from a wonderful vacation down at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando, both of us are compiling some tips and topics to write about that we discovered while down there. If you are a seasoned Disney and/or Universal Studios Florida vacationer, we’d love to hear your thoughts and tips! Also, we’d love to know what type of 4sqLoveStory content you’d like to hear!


Our Second Kina Grannis Concert!

by dwaynekilbourne on April 27, 2012

With 4sqDay 2012 just behind us, it was time for us to turn our attention to the Kina Grannis concert. We were thrilled to enjoy our second Kina concert here in Atlanta, and Elaine came up with an AWESOME idea – take Jamie with us, so she can enjoy her first (ever) concert! After I took Elaine to her first Kina concert last spring (2011), Jamie and her started listening to the Kina Grannis Stairwells Deluxe Edition CD whenever they were in the car together. When we all went down to Orlando last summer, Kina’s great songs were in rotation during the nine-hour drive, so Jamie really started to get hooked on Kina’s music, so Elaine felt that the Kina concert would be a perfect first concert for Jamie. So, we went down and ate in Little Five Points (pizza) and surprised her!

Dwayne, Jamie, Kina, and Elaine (April 17, 2012)

This was our first trip / event down at the Variety Playhouse, and we really enjoyed the venue. There were a good number of seats, and each spot had a great view. Also, the venue had a super cool ceiling fan; boy was that thing big! Okay, back to the recap… the event was later in the evening, so we knew it would end after our bedtimes, but it was worth staying up for. Like last year, Kina brought (back) Imaginary Friend to open up for her on her US Tour! Also, she brought her cellist Keith Tutt II with her to accompany many of her songs; we must say that this was a great touch and addition to the concert!!

All in all, it was a great night. Jamie loved it, and we think that that crowd loved her too. She was really into the concert, and was super glad to experience it with us. Watch the video below from another member of the crowd to listen to Kina’s awesomeness… and Jamie’s enthusiastic song participation!! At the end of the night, we waited in line (we were near the end of the line) to meet and greet Kina, Imaginary Friend, and Keith Tutt, II! While we did not get out of there until around 11:30pm or so (a late night for most 6 year olds to say the least), it certainly was worth every second! Plus, one of the guys from Variety Playhouse decided to give us the Kina Grannis promotional poster – quite a cool and nice surprise! Thanks to Kina and gang for another awesome concert, and we hope to see you in the ATL again in the near future! We encourage everybody to check out Kina’s music and go to one of her concerts; she is a true musician, full of compassion and always humble!



4sqDay 2012 in Kennesaw

by dwaynekilbourne on April 21, 2012

This past Monday marked another great Foursquare Day celebration around the globe, the third annual celebration among foursquare users. In Kennesaw, 4sqDay 2012 brought a new chapter. The 4sqKennesaw team did a nice job of organizing a small event; Suzanne finished up the new 4sqKennesaw logo and Knikkolette helped organize the Check-in for Charity pledge drive; Monica, Olivia, Miller, Ken, and the rest of the gang came out in support, and we had 31 check-ins at the event. I collected the 4sqDay Proclamation from Mayor Mark Mathews, and we all enjoyed some food truck fun at the Dinner at the Depot! Certainly, it was great to enjoy awesome conversations, meet new people, catch up with old friends, and enjoy time together. In all, Monday was well worth the year-long wait. For us, Foursquare Day is an extra special holiday; in many ways and because we met primarily because of foursquare, this is sort of an extension of our anniversary. A special thank you goes out to everybody who made this day extra special… and to Elaine for always putting up with my check-in addiction!

Elaine and Dwayne 4sqDay 2012


Valentine Vibrams

February 21, 2012

Wow! It is difficult to believe that not only has 2012 arrived but that it is in full stride as we near the end of February. Of course, with February comes the celebration of Valentine’s Day. If you recall, we took a little trip last year, and Elaine surprised me with hang gliding. While that […]

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Thanks for the Feature, Carmine!

November 28, 2011

If you have not heard, there is a new book about the great powers of foursquare by highly-acclaimed author, Carmine Gallo! This book, entitled The Power of foursquare, really illustrates many great and creative ways small businesses, brands, and foursquare users are engaging one another on foursquare! In particular, the book shows small businesses some […]

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Checking In On Our 1 Year Anniversary

July 23, 2011

It’s hard to imagine that we have already hit the one year mark. We have enjoyed so many great memories together, yet it only feels like a few days ago that we were walking up Kennesaw Mountain together and sitting at the Barnes & Noble Café together for the very first time. In June of […]

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Building Beyond 11

June 24, 2011

I’m thrilled to say that we made it to another milestone yesterday as we reached our 11 month anniversary, but I view our initial success in a similar light as I do foursquare’s. Simply, foursquare has been gaining a lot of users who want to try their social experience, and more businesses and brands are […]

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