The Story

The Beginning

It’s June 19, 2010, at 9:34pm EST. Dwayne is at home at his computer after enjoying a great workout at the LA Fitness gym in his area. Of course, foursquare is a passion of his, and, since he is newer in town, he wanted to see if he recognized any of the faces from the LA Fitness venue page. Back during this time, foursquare still allowed users to look in the lower right hand corner of the venue pages and see who has checked in at that particular venue! Some foursquarers had a profile picture, and others did not; luckily, Elaine did! Even though he didn’t recall seeing her in the gym, Elaine caught Dwayne’s attention! What can Dwayne say? Elaine is beautiful! So, at 9:34pm, he friend requested her on foursquare.

At 4:55 (and 2 seconds) PM EST on June 20, 2010, Elaine accepted Dwayne’s foursquare friend request. Later, she would admit Dwayne’s numerous mayorships really caught her attention, and she figured that he would be a good person to link up with on foursquare. Once Dwayne realized that she had accepted his request, he noticed that she also linked her Facebook profile, so he figured that it would not hurt to thank her for accepting his foursquare friend request via a message and friend request over on Facebook. He was just glad to connect with new people in this area, and he had no intention on seeking a soul mate at the gym, but this was just the beginning of something truly special!

While they started talking and continued to use foursquare often, their schedules did not allow them to meet up in person (at the gym) until Sunday, July 18, 2010. Elaine and a friend of hers were participating in the 4:30pm yoga class, and Dwayne was at the gym for nearly three hours working out his legs, shoulders, and abs! Finally, the yoga class got over around 5:30pm, and Elaine and Dwayne met in-between his leg press sets at the Hammer Strength leg press machine!

The following week, Elaine and Dwayne were talking about the U.S. 10K Classic road race that takes place in Marietta, Georgia. Dwayne was signing up for it and was planning to do a training run up Kennesaw Mountain’s paved roadway. As a result, Elaine proposed that we train together and that the upcoming Friday would be a great time to run up the mountain together and then maybe enjoy some of that Godiva hot chocolate goodness that Dwayne had been raving about for so long! It was a great idea, and Dwayne was all for it… so, the first date took place around 5:30pm or so on Friday, July 23, 2010!

=== More of the story to be posted shortly! Thanks for your interest!